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Panel Discussion

The future of Linked Data in industry and public services

September 22, 2010 | 17:00-18:00
Moderator: Thorsten Leidig, SAP (DE)
Panelists: Udo Bub, T-Labs (DE) | John Domingue, the Open University (UK) | Christian Bizer, FU Berlin (DE)

Linked Data, if it were plotted on a hype curve today, may arguably be best placed at the peak of inflated expectations. Like the Semantic Web before it, it is presented as a solution for every imaginable problem. Like the Semantic Web before it, it will most likely be used successfully in specific cases and fail to get uptake in other domains. Is the expenditure on solutions in e-government justified?  

Are there industries losing out by not looking at Linked Data? In our pabel, we will explore the question where is Linked Data's future to be found once it passes through the trough of disillusionment and reaches the slope of enlightenment?

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